Oil Stains & Spills Removal Services in Peterborough

If your driveway or patio features unwanted oil stains and spills, our removal services can make it look brand new again. 

It can be easy for driveways to end up with stains or suffer from spillages, leaving nasty marks. That is why we offer oil stain and spills removal to homes in Peterborough and surrounding areas. Regardless of whether a spot is new or old, we can help remove oil stains from your driveway, making it look brand new.

Over time driveways can suffer from leaked engines which drip slowly over time. But, we understand that driveways can be the least of your priorities. But remember, the front of your home is the first thing a visitor sees. So, if your home looks tired, run-down, and oil spills has left their mark, our cleaning and refurbishment services can help you make the neighbours jealous. Our experienced team can help return your driveway or patio to their original condition.

We are trusted by homes across Peterborough to leave their driveways looking brand new. But we also service the majority of all of the car dealerships in Peterborough for when the unfortunate happens, along with garages and private individuals.

Driveway and patio cleaning services in Peterborough

WBCS Cleaning can respond to any oil stain or spill and successfully remove it. Whether it be a spill from a minor oil spill to a road tanker rollover or a significant industrial disaster. We can remove oil stains and spills from almost any surface. Oil spills will no longer ruin your driveway using our years of knowledge and steam cleaning equipment, which can produce up to 500 bar or 7300 psi and 140c at the nozzle.

Therefore if your driveway or car park is suffering from unwanted marks, get in touch with the WBCS team for more information and arrange a consultation regarding our oil stains and spills removal services. 

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