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Here at WBCS, we assist homeowners with our block pave cleaning & sealing services in Peterborough. Our block paving and driveway cleaning services enable customers to restore their outdoor paving, to look brand new. 

Whatever outdoor paving you have in your garden, constant exposure to the elements of the British weather means your garden won’t stay looking in top condition forever. At WBCS, we can ensure your garden paving’s durability will be enhanced with our steam cleaning and sealing services. Unlike 95% of our competitors, we clean using lower pressure and hotter steam. This method is far less intrusive and damaging than high-pressure cold water, and there’s less waste and chemicals used, so it’s more environmentally friendly too! As any of our great customers will tell you, once you have your driveway or patio steam cleaned with WBCS, you’ll never want to go back to conventional cold water pressure washing. The best part is you’ll get our specialised steam cleaning service for the same price you would for a lower quality cold pressure wash!

Efficient Block Pave Cleaning Across Cambridgeshire

When we start cleaning your paving, the first thing we’ll do is use our steam flat head rotary rollers. These remove all dirt, algae and general grime that has built up since your paving was installed or since it was last cleaned. We bag up all of the dirt and debris we wash off and take it away for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. Then we thoroughly inspect the area we’ve cleaned to make sure we haven’t missed anything, rinse the area and clean any windows or doors near the area so that everything is left as we found it (apart from your patio, of course!)

We’ll also apply a further antifungal treatment to your paving if we need to. This will inhibit the return of moss and lichens and slow down the return of weeds as well. Once the treatment has dried, your block paving will be re-sanded with kiln dry sand to replace any that we displaced during the cleaning process to complete the refurbishment.

If you also opt for our sealing service, we will then apply two coats of our premium acrylic sealant with high-pressure sprayers. Opting for sealing of your freshly cleaned patio has many benefits. Our sealant will further inhibit the return of moss, lichen and weeds, and it will keep your patio or driveway looking brand new for a much longer period before it next needs cleaning. It’s also available in a matte or silk finish to add an extra polished touch to your freshly cleaned paving!

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