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Are you stuck with a chewing gum problem? Here at WBCS Cleaning, we offer chewing gum removal services in Peterborough. We cater to domestic, commercial, industrial, insurance work, schools, colleges, nurseries, and councils. We understand that chewing gum is an unsightly menace and an ever-increasing problem.

Did you know that 87% of England’s streets are stained with gum? (Source) Chewing gum can mix with daily grime to leave behind unattractive stains. Like all litter, it can impact negatively on your customers’ or visitors’ perception, as well as the surrounding environment. Once chewing gum becomes stuck to a surface, it can become challenging to remove with conventional cleaning techniques. But that’s where we come in.

Regardless of whether you have a long term issue of chewing gum being discarded on your premises or need to clean up chewing gum quickly, our chewing gum removal service is a fast and effective solution that helps return surfaces to their original state. It is safe to say that WBCS can remove chewing gum from any surface.

Fast and efficient chewing gum removal services

Conventional cleaning teams struggle to keep up with the amount of chewing gum discarded on floors in places like railway stations, airports, shopping centres and other public buildings.

However, with the latest cleaning equipment and methods at our fingertips, not to mention using no chemicals, our service sets us aside from the competition. Our solution is to use high-pressure water jetting that blasts the chewing gum off the pavement, along with grime and stains, leaving it looking pristine.

Therefore if you’re in a sticky situation with a chewing gum stain, make sure to contact WBCS Cleaning for more information on how our high-pressure washing can remove chewing gum quickly and efficiently.

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