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WBCS specialises in imprinted concrete restoration, maintenance, repair and reseals of pattern concrete drives, driveways, paving and patios in Peterborough.

Imprinted concrete is a very hard-wearing surface and a common choice for most driveways, costing less than traditional block paving but achieving the same look. Imprinted concrete surfaces are very durable; however, they do require maintenance every few years, which is where we come in! At WBCS, we have a team of experts who can make your imprinted concrete driveway look brand new again.

We start by using our specialised tools to give your driveway a thorough clean and get rid of all of the built-up dirt, lichen and other grime to make sure our further maintenance treatment stays put and lasts for longer.

After your concrete surface is clean, we begin the restoration process. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just “paint the colour” back onto the surface, as this tends to blister and peel quite quickly, resulting in further maintenance costs and less money in your pocket. Instead, we gradually introduce new colour into the concrete, building it back up slowly and ensuring it doesn’t peel away. Finally, we apply a protective anti-slip coating to keep the colour lasting as long as possible and make your imprinted concrete surface look as good as new again.

Efficient Concrete Restoration, Maintenance & Cleaning Services

It’s not just driveways we can clean and restore. From driveways to commercial property areas, we will come and restore any imprinted concrete surface you have. We recommend that you maintain your imprinted concrete surface every few years to keep your surface looking as good as possible for decades to come. We can also repair any minor damage and cracks if you need us to when we come to clean your driveway so that we can guarantee the most thorough service possible!

From Peterborough to Cambridge, we cover 40 miles across Cambridgeshire, so what are you waiting for? Our team are always happy to help with any enquiries, so get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote!

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