Patio & Driveway Cleaning In Peterborough

Here at WBCS Cleaning, we offer professional domestic external cleaning services, such as patio and driveway cleaning, to homes in Peterborough. Sometimes referred to as pressure washing or jet washing, this process is an excellent way to bring back your home’s vibrancy without high costs.

If your home looks tired, run-down, and nature has left its mark, our cleaning and refurbishment services can help you make the neighbours jealous. Our experienced team can help return your driveway or patio to their original condition.

As part of our domestic cleaning service, we have experienced cleaning technicians who can cover all your external cleaning needs. Whether this is cleaning, sealing or refurbishing your roof, patio or driveway, we can help.

Professional Domestic Cleaning Services

Over time, neglecting your paving will result in weed, moss, algae, and lichen growth. Consequently, this will make the area look tired, worn and even uninviting. That is why we offer a professional cleaning service using the latest steam cleaning machines. We use custom cleaning equipment used in all aspects of the exterior cleaning process. Covering all hard surfaces, both vertically and horizontally.

We offer a wide range of domestic pressure washing and sealing services. Our domestic services include:

We are so sure of the quality of our workmanship that we will not ask for any money until the job is finished and our customer is 100% happy. (A small deposit may be required for some sealing quotes).

Specialists in all aspects of block pave cleaning, sealing and refurbishment

Whatever paving you have, its long term durability will be enhanced by our steam cleaning and sealing services. Unlike 95% of our competitors, we clean in relatively low pressure, high-temperature steam. One of the significant advantages of this method is that it is much more gentle and therefore less damaging than conventional high-pressure cold water washing. Consequently, we can give you stunning results that last.

With our years of experience and the latest top of the range high-pressure steam cleaning equipment, we are equipped to deal with any cleaning requirements you might have. So, if you’re looking for a professional team to bring your patio, driveway or roof to life, contact WBCS Cleaning for a FREE inspection.


Wet Blasting

Block Pave Cleaning

Biowash Roof Cleaning

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