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We offer a high temperature, low pressure patio clean service. Much like the driveway cleaning we use an advanced rotary cleaning system on all drives, eliminating streaking and minimising mess and damage.

Stage one: Consists of surface preparation, removal of any plant pots, wheelie bins etc. All loose debris can then be swept clear. We lift any drainage channel grates, check the drains and remove any debris.


Stage two: The patio is then cleaned using a high pressure industrial rotary washer, this removes dirt buildup, moss, algae, weeds and most stains and marks.


Stage three: The patio is then washed down thoroughly, all drainage channels and drains are checked and cleaned if necessary.

Stage four: Now the patio has been cleaned of all weeds, dirt, moss etc, we check for tyre marks, oil and other stains which may not have been visible on first inspection. Any such staining that is found will be treated with the appropriate cleaning detergent and re-cleaned for complete removal. Finally all doors, windows & brick work are washed and wiped down , leaving the area in the condition it was found in.


Stage five: If required, the patio is sealed with an acrylic sealer to prevent stains penetrating the surface and this helps to prevent weeds taking root on your freshly cleaned driveway.

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