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Wet blasting is a very similar cleaning method to dry blasting or sand blasting but with a third ingredient -water -this enhances the quality of finish that can be achieved.

Also as as we are using water this keeps surface been cleaned much cooler therefore again eliminating any possible damage. Another big advantage to wet blasting over dry or sand blasting is there is no dust ! A major factor in confined areas or enclosed spaces.

Wet blasting has many uses across our industry, from paint stripping, removing white lines on roadways to building restorations. We are specialists in rejuvenating old brickwork and stonework, where care must be taken to restore the surface without damaging it.

Lastly the major factor is that we use no chemicals, ensuring that the cleaning process is environment friendly.

This customer had removed the render from their house front only to find this Victorian bright green paint underneath.

They had initially had sand blasters in to remove the paint, but stopped them after just an hour due to the excessive dust and pollution. As you can see there is no dust and not a great amount of mess made when wet blasting.

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