Automotive Blasting Service in the Peterborough Area

Have you got a classic car body that needs a facelift or an engine covered in grease and dirt? Or do you need your alloy wheels to look brighter and cleaner? Before you can complete your task, you’ll benefit from an automotive blasting service.

What is Automotive Blasting?

Soda blasting is a widely used cleaning service; however, it is used primarily for Automative blasting as it has the power to clean through dirt and grease and any signs of old age but isn’t as abrasive as other cleaning services, so you can be confident that your automotive blasting service will not damage your car. Soda is less abrasive than the other blasting methods we do, such as Sand Blasting and Vapour Blasting. Soda is ‘non-destructive’, meaning once the automotive blasting has reached its base level, alloy, steel or aluminium, it will not continue to strip layers or cause damage.

Layers upon Layers

The beauty of using soda blasting for your automotive blasting is that it is an environmentally friendly cleaning method while also being able to tackle layers of dirt, such as rust, dust and paint, without causing damage to the original metal layer of your car body, wheels or engine. Once your item has been through its cleaning process, it will be ready for the next step of your project!

Still unsure if you whether our automotive blasting services are for you? Well, not only will our method of using soda blasting be more environmentally friendly than the standard multi-step detergent blasting method, our automotive blasting service is a one-step system meaning it is efficient without damaging the environment, and you will not have to wait too long to have your items returned to you.

We are confident that you will be impressed with our Automotive blasting service, so please contact our team for information.

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