Blast Cleaning Services In Bourne

Here at WBCS cleaning, we offer blast cleaning services in Bourne and surrounding areas. We offer three forms of blasting, Soda, Sand and Vapour.

We offer blast cleaning services to homes and commercial properties across Bourne. Blasting involves propelling abrasive or non-abrasive projectiles at a surface. The impact of these projectiles on the surface removes dirt from numerous surfaces. Therefore, whether you’re looking to clean your patio, car parts or brickwork – we can recommend the best form of blasting for you and give your surface a new lease of life.

Professional blasting specialist in Bourne and surrounding areas

This was a job undertaken as a construction company had substandard work done by a bricklayer. Consequently, all of the pointing was covered in excess cement. To solve the issue, they’d had regular pressure washing guys who couldn’t get it off without blowing the pointing out as well. Therefore our team took on the challenge and completed this Soda blasting job in one day.

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a newer form of blasting that uses sodium bicarbonate to remove coatings on delicate surfaces such as car body panels and fibreglass.

The use of sodium bicarbonate is very effective at removing specific contaminants from the surface of materials. Soda blasting is not an abrasive type of cleaning; the soda exerts a force that clears up contaminants on the surface. Therefore, the soda breaks upon impact, allowing it to clean without damaging surfaces. It’s a gentler form of abrasive blasting and requires much less pressure exertion. This makes them suitable for softer surfaces such as chrome, plastic, or glass.

Furthermore, sodium bicarbonate is also extremely eco-friendly, being completely biodegradable.

Best For: Cleaning softer surfaces that harsher abrasives may damage.

Sand Blast Cleaning Services in Bourne

Sand Blasting shoots dry silica abrasive particles at the surface of a part at high velocity. It uses silica or quartz as the abrasive material, which we propel onto surfaces at high speed. The sharpness of the abrasive and the consistency in size makes it great to use in giving uniform finished. Therefore, by using high pressure, it can leave surfaces looking like new. This process uses air pressure to fire these dry abrasive particles.

The abrasive sand material, along with the air, is ejected out of a hand-held nozzle. As a result of sandblasting we execute jobs in an open-space format. Ultimately environmental regulations determine where we can carry it out. Therefore, most companies use more environmentally-friendly methods.

Best For: Diverse surfaces that require versatility.

Vapour or Wet Blasting

Vapour blasting uses compressed air and propelled water with an abrasive medium to clean a surface. We understand that preparing a surface can be a challenging and time-consuming activity, especially if you are removing layers of paint or other coating products that have been there for a long time. Grinding, scraping, applying heat, and using chemicals is all hard work and not always successful. That is why we recommend wet blasting.

Typical surfaces where we recommend wet blasting include:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminium

Wet blasting solves the big problem with Air Blasting. With Air Blasting there is little control over the amount of airborne dust that fills the air. However, with Wet Blasting, we can control the results. As a result, we can control the environment and leave your surface with a satin finish.

Best For: Surfaces with blasting byproducts that need to be limited, such as airborne dust.

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